Jet Lag Revival

Designed for One

Travel can be tough, especially if you’ve flown from coast to coast—or country to country. While your room at The Longfellow is thoughtfully designed to help you get deep, restful sleep, this enhancement will quickly get you back in the swing of things. As you read your Guide to Jet Lag Revival, our Hydration Tonic from Five of Clubs and Protein Pack from Twinflower Café will help nourish and hydrate the body, both of which are keys to recovery. Meanwhile, a soothing facial mask and seaweed eye masks from VOYA will refresh and revitalize, helping you feel more like yourself.

  • VOYA Soothing Facial Mask (Maskerade or Hydra Veil)
  • VOYA Renewal Seaweed Eye Masks
  • Nash & Jones Super Soft Luxe Cloth Headband
  • Five of Clubs Hydration Tonic
  • Twinflower Café Protein Pack
  • A Guide to Jet Lag Revival
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