Astraea - A Wellness Spa
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Customized massages tailored to your needs, rituals for sleep and connection. Our treatment menu is full of opportunities to connect and recover. Try a sleep-encouraging ritual like our Mindful Dreams, a rhythmic full-body massage (the perfect option just before a cozy night staying in a guest room at The Longfellow), an invigorating and nourishing full-body Seaweed Leaf Wrap or bring back your natural glow with a NeoLifting© Facial Massage.

Our private infrared sauna suites are a great way to experience the time-tested ritual of hot + cold + rest + repeat with a range of benefits from pain relief to better sleep. Each sauna suite comes with your own private infrared sauna, uniquely designed to heal and detoxify by combining infrared light with chromotherapy, a private rain shower with the ability to create a deluge of cold water at the press of a button, a private relaxation area with hydrating beverages and nourishing snacks, and a private bathroom where you can freshen up and re-apply your makeup before continuing on with your day. The unique setup of our private sauna suites makes them the perfect setting for your next date night or catch-up with a close friend. (The invigorating challenge of that cold water and dedicated time to rest between cycles is a great experience to help you reconnect while trying something new!)

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Start by thinking about your goals—how do you want to feel when walking out of the spa? Do you have a big day ahead and need to feel invigorated? Are you looking for some extra care and nurturing? Is your to-do list getting to be a little too much and you need to feel grounded again? Or do you want to unlock your creativity and walk out of here feeling inspired?