Astraea - A Wellness Spa

A powerful
way to meditate

The benefits of meditation are well-known—it can reduce stress and anxiety, improve memory and mood, lower blood pressure, even strengthen the immune system. Astraea’s Meditation Loungers allow you to take your meditation experience to an even deeper level by reducing distractions and easing you into your meditative state with vibroacoustics. This immersive experience is designed to help you quickly and completely enter a state of total calm.


  • Whether you need a neo-nap, a reset, or a wind-down before bed, we have the perfect option, and our Wellness Coordinators are here to guide your choice.

Astraea's Wellness Coordinator will help you get comfortable in the Meditation Lounger and you'll put on the noise-cancelling headphones.

We’ll cover you in a weighted blanket and place a weighted mask over your eyes—all you have to do is get comfortable and enjoy.

A guided meditation or calming music (depending on your chosen session) will ease you in, as the vibroacoustics—the lounger vibrating along with the music—calms your nervous system and leads you right into your meditation.

You’ll emerge with a greater sense of calm and well-being.

We invite you to take some time in our Spa Lounge to enjoy a warm cup of tea before easing back into your day or evening.

Don't worry, we will help you when you arrive to choose the option best suited for you.

Clinically proven stress and anxiety reduction: Multiple clinical studies have shown Mind-Sync to have dramatic positive effects on stress and anxiety levels and overall mood state. Repeated use has been shown to also promote positive behavioral change in people with sleep disorders and anxiety issues.

Our meditation loungers are designed to provide a serene and relaxing experience for up to two people in the same room. The price covers up to two people, making it perfect for a solo session or a calming experience with a companion. This ensures you both can enjoy the tranquil environment together.

It's amazing in the morning to set yourself up for a peaceful day.

Perfect mid-day when you need a reset.

Lovely at the end of your day to get ready for a peaceful night's sleep.

We recommend comfortable clothing for our meditation loungers. You’ll be covered in a weighted blanket to keep you cozy so just wear whatever you would be comfortable in lounging at home.

Anyone who can comfortably recline and elevate their feet – because reclining is required in this lounger – we suggest guests who are pregnant refer to our Mama–to-be Menu for their best spa experience.