All treatments at Astraea are available for couples. Simply reserve two massages or treatments at the same time and write us a note in your reservation that you would like to have it be a couples' experience. We'll take care of the rest!

Featured Treatment

Grounding Earth Session

60 minutes | $145

guided breathwork • face & scalp massage • foot massage

Reconnect with your inner self and find solace amidst the hustle and bustle of modern life with our Grounding Earth Session. This grounding ritual begins with a guided breathwork journey that encourages you to slow down and reconnect with your breath. Once settled on the massage table, a pressure point face and scalp massage gently eases away stress, allowing you to fully embrace the present moment.

A soothing reflex point foot massage completes this ritual, leaving you feeling centered and grounded in both body and mind.

This treatment is ideal for individuals seeking to slow down and is particularly beneficial for those experiencing menopause and perimenopause, as it facilitates a deeper connection with the body during this transformative phase of life.


Astraea Signature Massage

90 minutes | $200

intention setting • hot towels • warm salt stones • massage

Embark on our Signature Massage experience, beginning with our meditation stone intention setting to guide you towards a state of inner harmony and mindfulness.

For the next 90 minutes, our skilled massage therapists will provide a fusion of techniques, starting with the warming touch of infused hot towels to prepare your body for the ultimate treatment.  

Feel the warmth of salt stones glide along your body, releasing deep-seated stress and promoting a sense of profound calm.   

The journey continues with a blissful full-body massage, tailored to your preferences and designed to alleviate muscle tightness and promote overall well-being. Your face will receive a luxurious massage, leaving you with a radiant glow and a renewed sense of vitality.  
Experience Astraea’s Signature Massage – an unforgettable journey designed to elevate your well-being and leave you feeling truly radiant.   

NeoLifting© Facial Massage

90 minutes | $235

face massage • sculpting • buccal massage

We believe in embracing the privilege of aging and are excited to help you celebrate your beauty with this natural treatment. Through sculpting massage and buccal techniques, we work to bring the muscles in your face back to their healthy tone. After just one session, you’ll experience glowing skin, reduced facial tension, less wrinkles, a more defined jaw line, and a significant confidence boost! These benefits continue to grow with regular sessions. While this treatment has gained popularity worldwide, we are thrilled to introduce it to Maine as the first and only LMTs certified in NeoLifting© facial massage techniques.   

Please note, we are Licensed Massage Therapists, not Estheticians. We will not be cleansing or treating your skin – we focus on optimizing your facial muscles, enhancing lymph drainage, and promoting natural improvement of your skin from within. You can come make-up free or wash your face with our VOYA products before your treatment begins.   

Herbal Compress Massage

90 minutes | $200

herbal compress • full body massage

This treatment serves as a potent remedy for tired muscles and a nurturing massage during sensitive times such as PMS, or whenever you need a little extra TLC. Throughout the session, herbal compresses infused with orange, clove, ginger, and Fucus Serratus seaweed are gently steamed and massaged into your body, releasing precious gel from the seaweed. This gel contains properties that promote tissue renewal and reduce inflammation, while also serving as an emollient, softening the skin. The warm gel forms a protective layer on your skin, minimizing moisture loss through evaporation and keeping you deeply hydrated. The rhythmic massage of this treatment is both invigorating and soothing, leaving you feeling relaxed, aligned, and nourished from within.   

Mindful Dreams

60/90 minutes | $145/$185

meditation stones • rhythmic full body massage

Prepare yourself for a restorative night’s sleep with our Mindful Dreams treatment. This sleep-inducing experience begins with an invitation to practice mindful breathing accompanied by rose quartz meditation stones. You’ll enjoy a rhythmic Hawaiian and Balinese-inspired body massage and a blissful face and scalp massage to encourage a deep state of calm.


60/90 minutes | $145/$185

customized massage

A fully customized full-body massage to calm your mind, realign your body, release chronic tension and ease stiff muscles. Your Licensed Massage Therapist will speak with you about your goals and pressure preferences and together you will create the massage that is perfect for you.

Mama-To-Be Treatments

Prenatal Massage

60 minutes | $145

customized massage

A therapeutic massage designed specifically for the Mama-to-be to help ease the discomforts of growing a human. With a pregnancy pillow in place, you’ll be able to lie face down, safely and comfortably and enjoy this profoundly nurturing experience. Prenatal massages can easily be tailored to address your individual needs and can provide additional focus for your comfort and well-being.    


Private Infrared Sauna Suite

30 minutes | $50

hot - cold - shower

Private Infrared Sauna Suite

60 minutes | $75

hot - cold - rest - shower

Private Infrared Sauna Suite

90 minutes | $110

hot - cold - rest - repeat - shower

Private Infrared Sauna Suite

120 minutes | $150

hot - cold - rest - repeat as desired - shower


Mirco-Meditation Experience

30 minutes | $35

Our amazing meditation loungers have been proven to have dramatic positive effects on stress & anxiety levels and overall mood state. Our wellness coordinator will help you choose which session is right for you whether you are looking for a nervous system reset, a mid-day boost or a little nap. Noise-dampening headphones eliminate outside distractions, and a weighted blanket & eye pillow is provided for a completely immersive experience. Vibro-acoustic sound waves & scientifically composed music soothes and re-routes neural pathways quieting brain activity. Afterward, enjoy a cup of tea & a few moments to absorb the benefits of your meditation in our spa lounge.

Deep Sleep Meditation

60 minutes | $65

Experience deep rest in our zero gravity meditation loungers designed to reduce stress & anxiety levels and enhance restorative sleep states. This 60 minute enhanced sleep meditation combines clinically tested, vibro-acoustic sound therapy with perfect zero gravity positioning for accelerated guest restoration. Combined with a weighted blanket & eye pillow, this sleep session will prepare you for an uninterrupted, deep sleep.

Photo of massage tools

You can wear anything at all – for massage and body treatments you will be getting undressed in the treatment room and will be under the warm covers before your massage therapist enters the room. We are very careful with our draping so that only the body part we are working on is uncovered. Some guests choose to be completely undressed under the blankets, others prefer to keep underwear on, whatever makes you comfortable is perfect. Remember, this is your time for yourself, being comfortable is key.

  • Completely up to you! Since this is a private sauna room you don’t need to wear anything at all. If you would like, wear a bathing suit or wrap yourself in a towel, or go nude – however you are most comfortable is perfect.

We recommend comfortable clothing for our meditation loungers. You’ll be covered in a weighted blanket to keep you cozy so just wear whatever you would be comfortable in lounging at home. 

Yes, all Astraea treatments can be enjoyed with a companion. Our spa treatments are designed for up to two people, allowing you to share the experience with a friend or partner. Our private meditation lounge also accommodates up to two people, private infrared sauna suites comfortably fit up to four people.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to call us.

We have a full Mama-to-Be menu for our pregnant guests. Please reach out to us with any questions. 

While we strive to provide a comprehensive wellness experience, access to our private infrared sauna suites is not included with other spa treatments. To enjoy the unique benefits of our saunas, please reserve a sauna room time block at an additional rate. This ensures you have a private and uninterrupted session tailored to your needs.

For detailed responses about specific treatments, please visit the dedicated page for your desired service. Each treatment page offers thorough information to ensure you have all the details you need for a perfect experience.

If you still have questions or need further assistance, don't hesitate to contact us.